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Daher/Johnson Third Grade Website
Welcome to Melridge Third Grade!
In third grade, we work as a team to teach our students. The third graders will work with all 3 of the third grade teachers and will rotate between our rooms each day. Mrs. Daher teaches all of the third grade math. Mrs. Kellhofer teaches all of the reading/language arts, and Mrs. Johnson teaches all of the science and social studies.  

For general announcements and general third grade updates on our website, check out the class announcement section to the right on this page.  For information about what we are doing in math or social studies/science please click on the appropriate links to subject pages (math, science, etc.) on the navigation menu at the left side of this page (in the black and gold colored section just below where it says Daher/Johnson starting page).  For information related to language arts, please see Mrs. Kellhofer's website.
Mrs. Daher and Mrs. Johnson 
General School Calendar for Melridge
General Announcements and Information
Parent Pickup/Latchkey/Bus Notes
If your child is doing something different from their normal end of school day routine, please make sure to send in a note. Frequently students get confused when their after school plans change, and unless we have a written note, we may have a difficult time figuring out where your child is supposed to go. So, for example, if your child is normally a bus rider but you are going to pick them up instead, please send a note. Thank you for you cooperation on this matter so we can keep your child safe.
Grades and report cards
Please keep in mind that the district uses the Infinite Campus portal for grades and online report cards. If you are not sure how to access your account, please contact the office for instructions on ID numbers and passwords.
Study Island
Study Island is a website that we will use at school to review various topics in math and reading, and it can also be accessed at home via the internet. Simply visit studyisland.com and the username is firstname.lastname.riverside with the password being the last 4 digits of the student's lunch account number (student ID).
Teacher Contact Information
Mrs. JoAnn Daher
Room 201
Email Address joann.daher@riversideschools.net

Mrs. Mary Johnson
Room 204
Email mary.johnson@riversideschools.net

Mrs. Meghan Kellhofer
Room 202
Email meghan.kellhofer@riversideschools.net
Lunch/Recess times and Specials Schedule
Lunch/Recess (for all third grade classes)
Lunch is 12:30-1:00  Recess is 1:00-1:20

Specials schedule (by homeroom) 
Mrs. Daher's Specials schedule (6 day rotating schedule)
Day 1 - gym
Day 2 -
Day 3 - music and library
Day 4 -
Day 5 - technology class
Day 6 - art 
Mrs. Johnson's Specials schedule (6 day rotating schedule)
Day 1 - music
Day 2 - gym
Day 3 - technology class
Day 4 - art
Day 5 -
Day 6 - library
Birthday Treats and Invitations
Birthday Treats
If you would like to send in a birthday treat on your child's birthday (or on an alternate date of your choice for summer birthdays) you are welcome to do so. There are 22 students in Mrs. Daher's class and we do have some peanut/treenut allergies.   Mrs. Johnson's class has 21 students. There is no need to send in a note ahead of time, but please send in napkins along with your treats if possible. Thanks!!
Birthday Party Invitations 
Sometimes students want to bring in invitations to pass out for a birthday party.  If you are inviting all of the boys in class, or all of the girls in class then the student may pass out the invitations during the school day.  However, if you are only inviting some of the girls or some of the boys in class, then we ask you to mail the invitations or deliver them outside of the school day.  As you can imagine, when only some boys or some girls are invited to a party, the students who are not invited may feel hurt if the invitations are passed out at school.  The Melridge PTO publishes a parent directory which could be helpful for mailing or emailing party invitations.  Thank you for your cooperation on this issue.  

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