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Advanced Math Concepts

Advanced Math Concepts

Class Code: t4uur2

Classroom Guidelines & Student Expectations

Advanced Math Concepts & Algebra 1

Mr. Kaczmarek

Email: Daniel.kaczmarek@riversideschools.net


  • Be Punctual. Daily attendance is strictly monitored.
  • Be prepared. Have all materials ready to use. (i.e. chromebook, notebook, calculator, loose leaf paper or notebook, and a pencil)
  • Be respectful. To students and staff. To yourself. (i.e. no disruptions during instruction or work time; no insulting or harassing of others)
  • Be responsible. If you miss a class, you are responsible to find and make up missed work. You will have 2 days to complete missed work or quizzes/tests. If the missed work or test is not completed in 2 days time, a zero will be given for that assignment/evaluation. If you miss class the day before a test or quiz, you are still expected to take the test on test day. If you only miss class on the day of a test, you will take the test the next day you attend class.
  • Violations of Riverside High School Rules will be disciplined with the appropriate punishment. (i.e. Warning, points, removal from classroom, disciplinary referral or other means the administration deems worthy)


  • Do all assigned homework.
  • Study at least 5 minutes a day using your notes or book.
  • Be tenacious. Never give up or accept mediocrity.
  • Use your time wisely. Do work in class when time is given to do so.


  • First, question/answer time: students will ask questions pertaining to difficulties from assignment.
  • Second, instruction (may not occur every day).
  • Third, work time. Students have time to start on assignment and may ask questions to alleviate any problems.


  • Homework will be assigned every day with exception to test days. Homework will be worth 5 points per assignment.
  • Pop-quizzes will be given randomly and without notice. Pop-quizzes will be worth 10-20 points.
  • Quizzes will be given once or twice a chapter worth 50 points.
  • Tests will be given at the conclusion of every chapter worth 100 points.
MTH350 ADVANCED MATH CONCEPTS – 2 semesters – 1 credit (12)

Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra 2 Students taking pre-calculus should not take this course.

Special Equipment: Scientific or Graphing Calculator

This course focuses on a review of algebra and geometry and then an extension of these topics as needed to prepare for a credit-earning college math course.