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Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation


The course is designed to provide students with a basic awareness of the elements and principles of art. Students who have not taken an art course since 8th grade are eligible for this course. Projects are often related to historical periods in art and major artists. Students will be expected to create artwork, take notes, do research on their own, and complete written assignments.

SELF PORTRAIT WITH BANDAGED EAR by Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890

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extra credit 

Go to University Circle with your family. http://www.universitycircle.org/

Visit either the Cleveland Museum of art (FREE), Botanical Gardens, Museum of Natural History, Western Reserve Historical Society, Museums of Contemporary Art. (let me know if there is somewhere else you would like to go instead (school of music or CIA etc) Do some research! Some of these places are free certain days of the week or offer student discounts. Make plans for lunch near Museum of Contemporary art and Little Italy!

Write a paragraph about your visit and attach a picture of yourself inside your favorite part of the building, exhibit etc. Next walk over to the Case Western Peter B Lewis building by Frank Gehry. Take a picture of yourself in front of the building including your favorite view. Example my favorite view is from inside the CMA in the glass room. Present it to the class.

You need a pencil, eraser, and notebook every single day. Other supplies will be given as homework assignment as needed. If you do not have a computer with a printer and internet you need to make sure the teacher knows this so the teacher can write you a pass to the media center, otherwise you need to make arrangements when computer assignments are given.