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2nd Quarter Art News

5th grade
Welcome Back!  The third quarter is upon us and we have many creative projects ahead.
     The Fifth Grade students completed their "Blue Dog" art work.  They learned about colors and emotions as the studied George Rodrigue and his famous Blue Dog.  This quarter they will begin working with Stylization, Color, and Contrast when the create their graffitti art trains.
     Fourth Graders have been focusing on M.C. Escher and optical illusions.  They used different types of lines and patterns in their "Lizard Lines" project.  This quarter they will work with surrealism when they study Salvador Dali.
      Third Graders used Space and Depth when the created a fall scene.  They have worked with warm and cool colors as they have created a northern lights winter scene.
      Second Graders are learning about Mosaic Art and the different types of material that are used to create mosaic designs.   Later this quarter they will learn about still lifes and landscapes.
      First Graders have been studying free form and geometric shapes.    They studied Vincent van Gogh and created some Starry Night pictures.  They have also been observing art work and how objects fill a canvas when they are near.  They have applied their near and far concept to an Up Close Snowman.
      Finally, the Kindergarten Students are using geometric shapes as they create a boat scene. They have studied overlapping and how to place objects on paper with their harvest moon project.


Below is the Art Rotation for this school year.  I will be at these buildings on the day listed below.
Day 1 - Madison Ave.
Day 2 - Hadden Elem. / Madison Ave.
Day 3 - Hadden Elem.
Day 4 - Hale Road 
Day 5 - Hale Road
Day 6 - Hale Road 
Best way to reach me is by email at thayer.hegner@riversideschools.net