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Kish, Amy

Miss Kish Music!

About Miss Kish

I am excited to be back at Riverside for my second year of teaching. I split my time between Hale Road, Hadden, and Madison Avenue schools. I am a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University. When I'm not teaching, I love to make music for fun, bake, cook, and explore the outdoors! 
In my classroom, the goal is always active music making. If you stop by, you will see us singing, chanting, playing instruments, composing, playing games, moving, and dancing. I teach using a blend of two approaches: Orff-Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory. I am currently in the process of becoming an Orff-Schulwerk trained teacher, having just completed Level 1 of 3 this this summer. Orff emphasizes creativity, process and student choice. No matter where we stop in the learning process it should always be musical and fun. Music Learning Theory focuses on building audiation skills or being able to hear and understand music in your head. This helps students become independent musicians with a deeper understanding of the repertoire.  
You are always welcome to come in and check out what we are up to. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Day 1: Hale Road
Day 2: Hale Road
Day 3: Hale Road
Day 4: Hadden
Day 5: AM Hadden/ PM Madison Ave
Day 6: Madison Ave

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Twitter: @MissKishMusic