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– 1 semester – ½ credit (10, 11, 12)

An introduction to the fundamentals of photography, this course concentrates on using negative films for prints. Basic camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, proper film selection, light metering, film exposure, image composition, and lens selection are topics covered. Darkroom techniques including film and paper processing are implemented. Students will be responsible for researching other photographers, completing written assignments, and keeping a journal. STUDENTS MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A 35 MM SLR CAMERA WITH AN ADJUSTABLE SHUTTER, APERTURE, AND LENS.
Image: "Picasso and the loaves" Robert Doisneau, 1952

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Photo 1 documents are in Photography folder

Extend your learning!

Capture fall, use color film, 24 images (or more if you really get into it!!), get film developed anywhere...if you want to save $ only make prints of images you really want after negatives are developed. All prints (regular 4x6 or larger). If you are using film with an ISO different than 400 make sure you change it on your camera. Remember the rules of composition! Ideas...go to the Holden Arboretum or Penitentiary Glenn etc. FYI colors seem to change faster further away from the lake, so if doing this assignment in early October go to Leroy, later go closer to Mentor. I may pull out prints for you to make enlargement of for an art show, showcase, or even your portfolio. Call around for best prices on prints, Sams Club seems to have great deals. Check your calendar for the due date. If your grade is already awesome and you want to bank your points for the next nine weeks that is fine, just make sure you let me know which nine weeks to apply the points.
Extra Assignment

1 Go to the art museum with your parents and view the photography exhibits. There is one in the basement and one on the second floor off the contemporary gallery. Take a picture of yourself in front of your favorite piece, not a photo piece though, those cannot be photographed. Then pick your top 3 favorite photos and write a synopsis of each. Do not just copy the label.

2. Go to the zoo with your parents and take awesome photos. Get prints made of your favorites. Digital or Film.