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Biller, Jessica

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Jessica Biller
Art/Photography Teacher
Art/Music Department Chairperson
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I utilize the google classroom as a way to communicate effectively with my students and parents. If you would like to receive updates (either daily or weekly) from the google classroom please email me @ jessica.biller@riversideschools.net . The subject of the email should be your add me, the body of the email should read with your name, your child’s name, and the class and block you would like to be added to. The awesome thing is that you only needed to be added once, ever, once you are in you stay in for ALL their classes forever. You will not be an active member of the class but you will see updates and due dates.

You can also check my google site that I linked all my class calendars:https://sites.google.com/riversideschools.net/jbillerarteacher/home

Another way to stay on top of your child’s progress is to have the Infinite Campus App on your phone. This will allow you to receive text alerts when grades are entered or messages are sent home. Your child can also download this to the phone. You must chose the option to receive the alerts.

Another quick way for students to see what teachers post in their classrooms without going to each classroom individually is to use an app on their chromebook called "share to classroom". It shows a little icon that has all the recent posts by the classes they are enrolled in.  

Another way to help your child would be to encourage them to download the google calendar/classroom to their phone. When downloading, they should choose allow alerts. Allowing alerts insures they will get an alert on their phone when teachers post things and reminders when things are due. This will also allow them to see all their due dates for all their classes that use google classroom and they can add due date for the classes that do not use the classroom. Ask your child to share their log in so you you can also see their calendars, you can add things for them like clean their room :-)

Lastly, if your child does not want to utilize any of the above they can very easily check their email by opening their chromebook and hitting the preloaded mail box on the bottom of their screen. An email is sent to a student every single time a teacher posts anything to the classroom. Also, by having their log in your can log in from anywhere and check their email as well.