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Schedule Changes:
April 1: All games against Kenston are Cancelled 
April 3rd: JV game vs. Kenston is Cancelled
April 3rd: Varsity vs. Kenston is moved to Riverside and will be DH
April 11: Varsity game @ Kirtland is Cancelled
April 11: Rescheduled Varsity Home game vs. South 
April 13th: JV UPDATE (see above for details)
April 15th:All games @ Mayfield are Cancelled 
April 17th: JV game vs. Mayfield is Cancelled 
April 18th:Rescheduled JV home game vs. South 
April 26th: All games vs. Madison are cancelled 
April 27th: JV games with Geneva are Cancelled 
April 30th: All games @ Mayfield are Cancelled
May 2nd: Varsity game @ Lake Catholic is cancelled 
May 3rd: Cancelled JV Home game vs. North
May 4th:Added JV @ Chardon 10am & 12pm 
May 6th:Rescheduled JV Home game vs. Kenston
May 7th:Rescheduled Varsity home game vs. Madison  
May 7th:Rescheduled JV home game vs. Mayfield 
May 8th: Rescheduled JV Away game @ Kenston 
May 9th:Rescheduled JV Home game vs. Madison
May 10th: Var. & JV games @ Mayfield are postponed
May 13th:District game @ Mentor is postponed and Recheduled for 5/14
May 14th:Rescheduled JV home game vs. Madison
May 16:Rescheduled Varsity and JV games @ Mayfield 
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Win/Loss Records for Riverside Fastpitch Since 2008-2009 School Year:
2008-2009     10-13 (2-8 PAC)
2009-2010     11-15 (3-9 PAC)
2010-2011     8-10 (3-9 PAC)
2011-2012     15-13 (3-9 PAC)
2012-2013     22-5 (9-3 PAC)
2013-2014     21-2 (12-0 PAC)  PAC Champs
2014-2015     17-10 (7-3 PAC)  Co-PAC Champs
2015-2016     17-7 (11-3 WRC)
2016-2017     10-15 (7-6 WRC)
2017-2018      13-10 (7-6 WRC) 
2018-2019      0-0 (0-0 WRC)