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Lunch With Law Enforcement

In 2018, the Riverside Local School District’s Nutrition Services Department launched a 'Lunch with Law Enforcement' program, which offers a free lunch to local law enforcement officers who visit any one of the District’s six buildings throughout the day.

In an effort to increase visibility, enhance security and give students and staff more opportunities to interact with law enforcement, the District decided to launch the program.

“One of the things we have been thinking about is, what can we do to get more law enforcement into our buildings?’ said Superintendent James Kalis. “We know they’re already on the road driving around, and during their shift, they need to eat lunch. So we figured, why not invite them into our buildings for lunch and the opportunity to eat and interact with our kids and staff members?”

“This also allows for these men and women to walk around, get acclimated to our buildings and maybe even do random safety checks. It’s just a great way to increase visibility.”