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Full-Day Kindergarten Overview

Kindergarten Registration starts at 8 a.m. Monday, May 7. Are you considering enrolling your child in the full-day kindergarten program at Melridge Elementary School? Below is an overview of the program you may find helpful in making your decision.

A typical program day is designed for students to learn the curriculum over the course of a full school day. The morning focuses on core-curriculum concepts in Math, Reading & Writing with extended time to review and practice skills. Intervention and enrichment is provided as students participate in differentiated learning opportunities in English-Language Arts and Math, some through carefully designed and prepared learning centers.

In the afternoon, we focus on the core-curriculum concepts in English–Language Arts / Phonics. Students participate in discovery learning through the use of weekly themes, Spotlight Letters, and Free Choice activities designed to promote social growth and language development. Students’ individuality and confidence is fostered through weekly Star Student activities. Additionally, our extended day allows for a more in-depth exploration of Science and Social Studies.

Further enrichment is found through special classes such as Art, Music and PE. Special classes follow the District Elementary Schedule; however, students have the opportunity for additional weekly computer lab time as well as physical education classes, facilitated by the classroom teacher. These are intended to give students additional time to gain basic computer skills in the lab, as well as promote gross motor development, in gym. In addition, music is used to enhance learning and art is incorporated into our themes for enrichment and creativity all while developing listening and fine motor skills.

Field trips that enhance our curriculum are typically taken in the fall and spring. In a full-day program we have the opportunity to take additional field trips. The past few years we have gone to a local theater for a live performance with a literature connection. This sets the stage for our spring Mother Goose play in which students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking and performance skills. In addition, students enjoy visits from guest presenters and are available to participate in assemblies at school whether they are offered in the morning or afternoon. Finally, with this full-day offering, students benefit from a lunch and recess period everyday which further strengthens social skills, problem solving, communication, and gross motor development.

We hope you find this information helpful to your decision-making process regarding enrolling your child in a full or half-day kindergarten program.