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Literacy Linemen Program continues

Riverside High School football players are again visiting each of the District’s six elementary schools to read to – and interact with – elementary students as part of the Literacy Linemen Program. 

More than 20 players are participating this year. The players who participate must have a 3.0 grade point average and make Literacy Linemen Program Continues up any missed work. The elementary students not only enjoy the high schoolers reading to them, but they also get the opportunity to chat with them about life in high school as well as playing sports. 

“Both groups love it,” said Rich Schmidt, the District’s literacy coordinator. “Literacy is the foundation of everything – academics, culture at school and it’s essential for being ready for the future and being a life-long learner. If this program helps one kid, it’s a victory.” 

This is the fourth consecutive year the Literacy Linemen Program has occurred.

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