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Nutrition Services Update

Click 'Read More' for information on potential menu item changes due to a national supply chain disruption and details regarding la carte items. 

The Nutrition Services Department is providing free breakfast and lunch for all students this year. We have a planned daily menu, which you can see here. However, due to a national supply chain disruption, there are many items we are not able to get from our supplier. Please be patient with us as the posted menu online may change frequently. The kitchen managers will do their best to notify the office of a change so students will be aware before ordering for the day.

We have also had some confusion regarding milk purchases as well. To clarify, if a student gets a breakfast or lunch meal, milk is included as part of the entire meal. However, if a student packs their lunch and wishes to get a milk, it is considered an a la carte item and they will need to pay 50 cents for it. Other a la carte items (chips, water, beverages, cookies, etc.) range anywhere from 50 cents to $1.50.

Thank you for your understanding.

Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2021