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Coaching Certifications

  • Coaching Certifications

    The Ohio Department of Education requires the following in order to be a paid or volunteer coach for interscholastic athletics:
    • FBI/BCI – this must be done here in our Central Board Office.  ODE will not accept paper copies.
    • NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching (One-time training)
    • CPR/AED (Renew approximately every 1-2 years)
    • NFHS Concussion in Sports Training (Renew every 3 years)
    • First Aid, Health & Safety (Renew every 3 years)
    • Mental Health Training (Renew when you renew your Pupil Activity Permit)
    • Pupil Activity Permit (this is a permit issued by the Ohio Department of Education) (Renew depending on certification)
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Lindsay’s Law) (Renew yearly)
    1) Background check (FBI/BCI)
    Call the district office (Kelly Flenner 440-352-0668 ext. 8300) and schedule a time to come in and have your fingerprints taken. They will send your prints to the state.  Exact cash or check: $47.25.  If you are renewing your permit, you can check the date of your last background check from your CORE Dashboard. It is recommended you wait for the results before you move on to completing any certifications.
    2) Fundamentals of Coaching
    This is a one-time course required after January 1, 2010.   You can take it online on the NFHS website with a $65.00 fee.   
    Website:  https://nfhslearn.com/courses/fundamentals-of-coaching   Go to: ‘Courses’ > “Fundamentals of Coaching’ > Ohio. You do not need to ever renew this course. Please print course certificate for our records and email to [email protected]
    3) CPR/AED Certification
    This certification can be met multiple ways (in person or online), suggested websites include: https://cprcare.com/ or https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/cpr/cpr-training/cpr-certification or https://cpr.heart.org/en/course-catalog-search Costs will vary. Please print course certificate for our records and email to [email protected]

    4) Concussion Course
    The following free online training course has been approved by the Ohio Department of Health for coaches and contest officials: National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know:  https://nfhslearn.com/courses/concussion-in-sports-2  This free online course is available through the NFHS. Click the “order here” button, and complete a brief registration form to take the course. When you have completed and passed the course, you have the option of printing a certificate of completion. Please print course certificate for our records and email to [email protected] This certificate is valid for three years.

    5) First Aid, Health and Safety
    First Aid for Coaches -  Fulfill this requirement through ONE of the three categories of options outlined below:
    Nationally approved programs. Select ONE of the following:
    College or university courses. Courses must be completed within the past three years and be related to first aid or athletic training.

    Professional licenses or certifications. The following licenses/certifications fulfill the first aid training requirement: MD, DO, DC, PA, RN, EMR, EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, ATC and SCS. Your board license must be active.

    Please print course certificate for our records and email to [email protected]

    6) Mental Health Training

    Effective October 3, 2023, Ohio law will require all athletic coaches to complete a student mental health training course approved by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The training will help coaches recognize risk factors, signs of suicidal ideation, symptoms of common mental health disorders and learn strategies to support youth experiencing common mental health concerns. Any individual applying to renew their permit (or who held a permit and is applying for a different multi-year pupil activity permit, such as a four-year or five-year) on or after October 3, 2023, must submit a certificate of completion from an approved course list to the Office of Educator Licensure with their application. Athletic coaches can access approved trainings through the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services webpage.

    C. There are in-person trainings as well, click on the above link if you are interested in those

    7) Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    This step is tricky for new coaches. After you apply for a Pupil Activity Program, but before you are approved you will need to complete this course. You will need to renew this course each year. The cost is free. Coaches must have an active or pending Pupil Activity Permit application to access the Ohio Department of Education Learning Management System (LMS). Once the permit is in the active or pending status, you may access the LMS through your OH|ID account. On the LMS homepage at the top right corner, click the Course Catalog link. Then search for Sudden Cardiac Arrest to find the course. After you view the materials and pass a short test, please download and print course certificate for our records and email to [email protected] 
    8) How to Apply for a Pupil Activity Permit
    Ohio Department of Education – OH/ID
    Beginning with January of 2014, the Ohio Department of Education no longer will accept paper applications for Pupil Activity and other licenses.  Below you will find the process for which to either “Renew” or apply for first permit.
    Application Instructions
    • Make sure you have a OH|ID account. If you are certain you do not have a OH|ID account, set one up following the instructions here
    • If you have a OH|ID account but do not remember the user name or password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the OH|ID portal to reset your password. Please do not set up a second OH|ID account. If you need assistance, you may contact (877) 644-6338 or [email protected].
    • IRN Riverside Local - 047894
    • Access your OH|ID account.
    • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
    • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard.
    • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.
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