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Business Advisory Council

The Riverside Local School District (RLSD) values its partnership with the Business Advisory Council (BAC).  Members of the council are influential members of the surrounding community that work hard to assist, advise, and advocate for the Riverside Local School District.  

Each quarter, the Business Advisory Council meets to discuss and develop meaningful improvements to curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, as well as informing the district of economic and job market changes.  Each meeting has a different focus area that centers around the belief that the Riverside Local School District is One Community, Pursuing Greatness, and Getting Better Every Day.

Each Business Advisory Council meeting is organized to include both teacher and student presentations and a work session that relates to school improvement.  The RLSD BAC provided input on the Riverside Road Map, a grade 4-12 career advising document that will be used by students, parents, teachers, and school counselors to help students plan their future lives.  A preliminary draft was proposed to the BAC and a feedback session was held to allow members to provide “real world” information to be included in the document.  This feedback was important because the members of the RLSD BAC were able to provide current advice on the economic and job market changes present in our society.  We are excited to implement the feedback as it aligns with the Profile of a Graduate that the RLSD BAC created last year.  The Profile of a Graduate was a collaborative effort between the RLSD BAC and the RLSD to identify the knowledge, skills, habits, and leadership qualities that Riverside students should possess prior to graduation.

Future meetings will focus on assisting the district in providing experiential learning opportunities for district students.  New programs like the Junior Project and existing programs such as Senior Project will be discussed and feedback will be gathered from the RLSD BAC.  Feedback areas will include appropriately placing students for experiential opportunities, making connections with area business leaders, and general organizational elements of both Junior and Senior Projects.  RLSD BAC members will also have a chance to attend the 7th Annual Senior Project Fair on the night of our last meeting.

The feedback provided by the Riverside Local School District Business Advisory Council is integral to the success of the Riverside Local School District.  By partnering with members of the district community, the Riverside Local School District is taking strong steps towards becoming One Community, Pursuing Greatness, and Getting Better Every Day!