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NHS Inductees

Riverside High School is proud to announce its newest inductees into the Dr. Mary Allen Porter Chapter of the National Honor Society.
To be eligible for membership consideration, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5. Additionally, potential members must meet high standards of leadership, service and character. Members of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes that met the G.P.A. requirement and completed the NHS packet were evaluated by the Faculty Council.
Leadership is based on the student’s participation in community and school activities, and appointment or election to an office. To meet the service requirement, the student must have been active in three or more service projects in the school or community.
Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both students and faculty.
Students are screened by a Faculty Council consisting of five members of the faculty. This year 41 students were inducted into the Riverside Chapter of National Honor Society.

The official Induction Ceremony was held January 10 at 6 p.m. in the D.W. Shaner Auditorium.

Barone, Chris (11)
Barkoot, Sofiah (10)
Bauer, Hannah (10)
Blatnik, Taylar (11)
Cavell, Gino (11)
Davis, Claire (10)
Diaz, Emilia (10)
Fonseca Jacinto, Michelle (11)
Francis, Kaitlynn (10)
Doyle, Nathaniel (10)
Gaspersic, Nathan (11)
Hatcher, Sydney (10)
Heramb, Sam (11)
Hlousek, Ayva (10)
Iliano, Domenic (10)
Johnson, Courtney (10)
Justice, Cassidy (10)
Kopacka, Katelyn (11)
Kozina, Evan (10)
McCloskey, Thomas (11)
Mitchell, Lillian (10)
Morse, Julie (10)
Reppert, Nicholas (10)
Reppert, Jacob (10)
Sabitsch, Mitchell (10)
Selan, Ben (11)
Shingleton, Adeline (11)
Skok, Jenna (11)
Spangler, Kaiden (10)
Strang, Mya (11)
Sullivan, Megan (10)
Tornow, Owen (11)
Weiss, Ben (11)
Wessman, Sydney (11)
White, Jayda (11)
Wright, Avery (10)
Wright, Margaret (12)
Yanchar, Jessica (10)
Yang, Winnie (10)
Zanko, Nicole (10)
Zorko, Ryan (10)