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Safety Updates

Prior to the start of the school year, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office trained all District staff in ALICE Training. ALICE Training (which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is to prepare individuals for potential incidents of school threats.

We would like to thank the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for taking the time to work with our staff to complete this training over the course of three days.

We are also excited to announce that over the summer, we hired an additional full-time School Resource Officer for the District, Joseph Basco. Deputy Basco joins Deputy Robert Rowland as our other School Resource Officer. We have also hired Deputy Karen Sweet, as a School Safety Officer at Riverside Campus and Deputy Michael Bruening as a School Safety Officer at LaMuth Middle School.

In addition, at the August Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a resolution authorizing the District to work further with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to recruit and hire additional School Safety Officers for our elementary schools. In September, Deputy Christopher Collins was hired and assigned as a School Safety Officer at Buckeye Elementary. In October, Deputy Mark Rich was hired and assigned as a School Safety Officer at Melridge Elementary. We will communicate further once we assign additional School Safety Officers at our elementary schools.

Lastly, in August, Governor Mike DeWine announced nearly $47 million in funding for 1,183 schools as part of the Ohio K-12 School Safety Grant Program. We are pleased to share that Buckeye Elementary, Melridge Elementary, LaMuth Middle School and Riverside Campus will receive $50,000 each to go toward updating safety protocols.