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Strategic Plan

The District has been working on a new Strategic Plan since the beginning of 2021.

A Strategic Plan helps school districts set goals and focus on areas to improve upon. To assist the District, the Board of Education hired Educational Partnerships Institute (EPI) to help facilitate the Strategic Plan. This organization has been working with school districts all over the state of Ohio for more than 30 years.

As part of this process, EPI conducted surveys and hosted focus groups with students, staff, board members, parents and community members to help define our priorities for the next several years. Through these surveys and focus groups, stakeholders were given the opportunity to share their thoughts on the District and what their experience has been like with our schools.

Once EPI gathered all the information from these surveys and focus groups, we were able to determine four key focus areas for a new Strategic Plan:

1) Safety, Climate, and Wellness
2) Advocacy, Partnerships, and Engagement
3) Fiscal Sensibility
4) Teaching and Learning.

In the summer of 2022, the Board of Education approved the District’s new Strategic Plan. Since the Board’s approval, we have been busy implementing new ideas and strategies to help achieve goals among the four key focus areas. Some of these include, but are not limited to:
• Implementing career exploration and pathway programming into our schools
• Increasing career readiness opportunities and technical courses
• Increasing staff professional development
• Using data to drive instruction
• Creating a new facilities plan
• Seeking grants and new revenue streams for District initiatives
• Increasing transparency among District finances
• Developing staff and student celebration and recognition programs
• Creating student-leadership groups at all our schools;
• Improving safety protocols in all our buildings
• Strengthening our relationships with the local business community and elected officials
• Highlighting and celebrating the success of our alumni