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Recognizing RHS Podcast

As students, we saw from first hand experience that there was a lack of student and staff recognition, especially in regards to smaller sports and clubs. We also recognized that the students that are doing online schooling through Riverside are not as unified and connected with the students and staff in school. In attempt to tackle the two issues with one solution, we decided to create a student and staff recognition podcast! The podcast gives the school a platform to recognize and congratulate the students and staff on their achievements. In addition to being accessible by the students and staff online and in school, it will be accessible to parents and community members as well! We will have the opportunity to make informing the community a fun experience while spreading positivity.  

2022 - Present Hosts: Rosie Bennett, Seth Moore, Andrew Pular, Mer Vosicky
2020 - 2022 Hosts: Henry Busch, Alex Mlakar, Raegan McNellie, Alexis Wade