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The Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation provides grants in support of innovative educational programs and materials for the students and faculty of the Riverside Local School District. These grants are to enhance the regular curriculum and afford a more meaningful and diverse education for students.

Our focus is District-wide. We strive for equity in servicing the needs of students and faculty across the Riverside Local School District. We work in partnership with our school organizations and stakeholders. We are open and accountable to those whom we serve. Community-wide involvement and dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of The Foundation.


R.L.E.E.F. is committed to academic excellence by underwriting strategic programs that enhance the educational process. We desire to expand its current contribution base so that more grants and scholarships can be funded via investment earnings rather than principle expenditures. 

R.L.E.E.F. works continuously to improve image, reputation and visibility. We continue to expand the quality and frequency of communications within the community we serve.


R.L.E.E.F. proudly sponsors and acts as the fiscal agent for a variety of scholarships.  These scholarships honor former District educators and alumni.  The scholarships benefit and are awarded to graduating seniors from Riverside High School. Each scholarship has its own application process and requirements.  Each sponsoring group has its own selection committee separate from R.L.E.E.F.

The George E. Inscho Jr. Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor Mr. George Inscho, Jr.  Mr. Inscho began his career with the Riverside Local Schools as a social studies teacher.  He later became principal of Riverside High School - a position he retained for 12 years.  Mr. Inscho was named Assistant Superintendent in 1967 and served in that capacity until being named Superintendent in 1974.  Following his Riverside career, he served as the Lake County Superintendent for 11 years.  Mr. Inscho was named to the Staff Hall of Fame in 1997.  During the 50-year celebration of Riverside, Mr. Inscho's family and friends established this scholarship.  The scholarship is awarded annually to a student intending to major in the field of education at a four-year college or university.

The John J. Weiss Scholarship
These scholarships honor another long-time member of Riverside High School - Mr. John J. Weiss.  Mr. Weiss served the Riverside Local Schools for 23 years as a high school principal and assistant superintendent.  Mr. Weiss was instrumental in establishing many programs at Riverside - among them the Riverside Alumni Association, the #1 Club, the Employment Skills Workshop, and the Riverside Local Schools' Hall of Fame.  In 1997, R.L.E.E.F. established 2 awards in his name.  One is awarded to a graduating student entering a two-year program at a college or technical school.  The second is awarded to a graduating student entering a four-year college or university.

The Henry F. LaMuth Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Henry F. LaMuth came to Riverside Schools to serve as the first principal of the newly opened Riverside High School in 1949.  He came to Riverside from Kirtland Schools.  In 1955 he moved on to become Lake County Superintendent, serving in that position until his retirement in 1977.  Under Mr. LaMuth's leadership, the Lake County Joing Vocational School (now Auburn Career Center) was established and built.  Our middle school was named LaMuth Middle School to honor the later Mr. LaMuth and his outstanding dedication to education and the students of Riverside Local Schools and Lake County.  This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student in recognition of academic and artistic achievement.

The Joanne McDaniel Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually in memory of Ms. Joanne McDaniel, a 1989 Riverside graduate.  Joanne was an enthusiastic participant in the Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Pep Bands while at Riverside.  She loved music, drama, working in the library, and being a student at Riverside.  This scholarship is awarded to a student intending to major in either music or music education at a college or university.

The Dr. Mary Allen Porter Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Mary Allen Porter's public school teaching career began in 1972 when she taught at Riverside High School and was hired to teach art the next year at John R. Williams Jr. High.  As a Riverside teacher, she developed an Arts Concept class and served in many other capacities including Student Council advisor, National Honor Society advisor, and Yearbook advisor.  Her guidance allowed students to realize their goal of memorializing American Military Personnel whose deaths did not result from declared wars - with a memorial dedication at Arlington National Cemetery in 2004.  Being named Riverside VFW Teacher of the Year Nominee in 2005 was just one of the many honors she accepted on behalf of her students.  Her greatest love and legacy was the time she spent with her students and the influence she had upon them in serving one another and their school and community.  This scholarship in her honor is awarded to a student intending to major in the field of art or education at a four-year college or university.

The David W. Shaner Memorial Scholarship
Mr. David W. Shaner taught at Riverside High School from 1951 to 1985.  During his 34 years at Riverside Schools, he produced 54 high quality, professional level productions of some of the greatest plays in the American theater.  His presentations became legendary in the community.  His teaching in the classroom in the subjects of English, Speech and Drama influenced thousands of students who benefited from his concepts of high standards, hard work and always striving for excellence.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a student planning to pursue English studies with an emphasis on drama or communications at a four-year college or university.

The Janice Wunderlich Scholarship
Established in 2009, this scholarship was designed as a continuing recognition of Mrs. Wunderlich's years of passion and dedication to the students she taught.  Mrs. Wunderlich taught gifted education, science, special education, preschool, art and environmental studies throughout her career at Riverside Schools.  She was chosen the National VFW Teacher of the Year, inducted into the #1 Club, recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives, and had a flag flown in her honor aboard a C-141C during a WSAF combat mission to Iraq airlifting our nation's wounded soldiers from hostile territory.  This scholarship will annualy recognize a student who exhibits strong habits of mind and spirit who has maintained a GPA greater than the value of Pi (3.14).


Established in 1984, Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation is a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization. As such, your donation is 100% tax deductible on your federal income tax return as allowable per I.R.S. regulations.

We welcome your donation and will be happy to direct your dollars to the program area of your choice.

To make your gift even more valuable, consider asking your employer about matching gift programs. If your company participates in such a program, be sure to include your company's matching gift form along with your donation. These forms are generally available in your employer's Human Resources office.

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